The Mission, Op. 1

The neighborhood of San Francisco I live in is known as The Mission. It's a great part of the city but unfortunately I know that we won't be here for that much longer. Dave and I would eventually like to buy something - we both really hate renting even though our landlords are fine and we like the apartment we're in. I find it's a completely different mindset towards your home when it's rented, it just feels unsettled to me. And after having owned our place in Montreal for seven years before moving here it's been an especially hard transition.

Unfortunately, real estate in San Francisco, and especially in The Mission, is ridiculous and we would never be able to afford to buy what we need which is a place where both Dave and I can work.  Meaning, I need to be able to make a lot a noise at any hour without worrying about pissing off neighbors and we need a room for Dave's painting studio. And this is on top of bedrooms and living rooms and all that usual space. So forget finding anything like that at a reasonable price in this part of the city.

Knowing that at some point in the future, be it in the next six months or the next year, I won't be living in this neighborhood, I've decided to start taking shots of stuff that I don't want to forget. It could be something that made me laugh or a house I particularly liked the color of or a favorite restaurant or a person (I like how person came last in that list...). 

So first up - if we didn't have laundry in our place I'd go to Mr. Burbujas on 24th and Florida just because I love the name and the sign. Look at the little waves underneath 'wash and dry' - subtle and effective don't you think? This sign makes me want to scream "MR. BURBUJAS!!!!!" at the top of my lungs every time I pass by.  But I contain myself even though I'm pretty sure no one would bat an eye.  I just wonder, who is this Mr. Burbujas?  Does he still own the store and if so, what's he like? Does he have a family? Is he kind or a crotchety jerk?  I guess I could go in and find out but honestly, I prefer the mystery and my own imagination.

I love you Mr. Burbujas!