Shirt with a bridge on it.

I haven't bought much since I arrived in San Francisco. I constantly spend money on food and wine but in terms of clothes or shoes....nah. I just can't care enough to take off what I'm wearing in order to try something on that I might never wear out of the house anyway. So I've been wearing the same things for years and this is not a new thing to San Francisco. Seriously, if I look at photos of myself on various trips in the last ten years I'm pretty much always wearing one of three shirts and a pair of jeans.

However, the other day I was in the Richmond and I walked by this little store called Covet and I actually bought something there. And funny thing is, it's an I love SF shirt - like the one thing some weird tourist would buy when they went on that lonely trip to Paris. I asked the owner of the store if it was strange that I was buying this shirt as a local and she said no, just as many locals as tourists snap them up. So I tried it on and loved it. I wear it down the street and love it.  People comment on it and I love that. So it seems I like San Francisco enough to wear a shirt that beams this vital information out to the world around me. I guess this is what civic pride feels like? What a novelty!

look at that cuteness!