A San Francisco year in the life recap

As of today, I've been in San Francisco for exactly one year.  And what has happened in this time?  Let's see - I've eaten a lot of good food, travelled to L.A. twice (never have to do that again thanks), Portland once, Iowa of all places, Castlegar, BC, countless times and also just hung around the city getting used to a new environment.  I got my O-1 visa, made a few new friends, met lots of musicians, played a number of concerts and learned a bunch of new repertoire.  I guess that's not so bad for a first year in a new city.

In the wake of this new year I received some exciting news - I got hired at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (pre-college level) to coach piano duos.  So that will keep me busy on Saturdays. Seriously!? A job......for real? Ok thanks, I'll take it. And, a tango group in town is losing their pianist to Taiwan in about two months so they've asked me to join them in her place.  Exciting - especially since I haven't played tango since 2007. I'm more than happy to get my tango-back-of-beat playing and glissando chops back in shape.  I'll post more about that when it actually starts happening.  Oh, and there's also this gonzo opera I'm doing called Too Much Coffee Man and then I've got the RossoRose Duo and my piano quartet.....it seems there's a lot to look forward to in the next year which is SUCH A RELIEF.

And coming up in September Dave and I will celebrate sixteen years together -  yes, we got married last year but I'm not starting over again, we started this thing in 1999 and no little wedding is getting in the way of that. I guess I bring this up because I wouldn't be here in this amazing city doing all this fun stuff if it wasn't for Dave and his creative and technical genius-ness. He has changed my life in so many incredible ways and nothing that I've accomplished here in San Francisco in the past year would mean anything without him cheering me on.  

This post was supposed to be about my year and it's ended up being about Dave and I guess that's because he has been the most important part every minute I've experienced in the last sixteen years. And this is especially true in regards to the whole Montréal uprooting and San Francisco replanting.  I was terrified about this move and having to start from zero all over again but it's now obvious that it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. To put it simply, I am so grateful my life has brought me to this point in time and well, I love my man.

We don't normally look like this.